Armor of God: Shield of Faith

“If we are constantly getting hurt or wounded, it is almost certainly because we are not carrying our faith right.” -Rick Joyner

Armor Of God: Helmet of Salvation

When you live in fear, anxiety, doubt and hesitation, you are not living in the way that Jesus has commanded you and you are not guarding your thought life with your Helmet on.

Rise of The Guardians: Toothiana and Baby Tooth Build

In 2015 I made my first “all by myself” cosplay of Toothiana from Rise from the Guardians and a matching Baby Tooth costume for my eldest daughter, and then worn again by my second daughter. Here is how I did it! Let’s start with the the fabric. I bought my fabric from spandex house online. They were…

Armor of God: The Sword of the Spirit

Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. Ephesians 6:17 What is the thing that Satan is out to do? He is out to destroy that which God loves. This week, we will focus again on the Armor of God, looking closer at the Sword of the Spirit….

Armor of God: Feet of Peace

The preparation of the gospel of peace allows you to not only stand your ground with the knowledge that God is with you, but it will allow you to take ground that is deemed difficult or hostile.

Wisdom and Sewing Basics

Today in our group we started out by talking about Solomon in the bible. He asked for wisdom from God and God loved that so much He gave him wisdom beyond what he asked.  We discussed how wisdom is the application of knowledge.  In a world full of information, we are great at learning and…